gadget porn

gadget porn
Images and text that glorify or fetishize high-end or high-tech devices and gadgets. Also: gadget-porn, gadget pornography.
Example Citations:
"GQ readers ... live mainly in urban areas. If he isn't single, he's living with his girlfriend, probably heterosexual, an achiever, an AB1. If he doesn't own the things in the magazine, he aspires to them. He's a 21st century yuppie but I don't think yuppie is a pejorative term. It's deliberately the most upmarket, aspirational men's magazine on the market. We are aimed right at the top of the market -' at a man who has money or who wants money and is unembarrassed about that.'' So is it just a glossy gadget porn fest?
— Catherine Jones, "Interview: Dylan Jones," The Western Mail, March 15, 2003
The line on 'Swordfish' is that it represents a comeback of sorts for its main star. Travolta's first film as a baddie for some time, it's dumb but enjoyable gadget-porn from the Joel Silver stable, packed with explosions, mad stunts and improbable plot reversals.
— John O'Connell, "Berry sauce," Time Out, July 11, 2001
Earliest Citation:
In 1984, Sirius's heady blend of gadget pornography, guerrilla humor, human potential pep talk, New Age transcendentalism, and libertarian anarcho-capitalism took shape in the typewritten, newsprint version of what would become Mondo 2000.
—Mark Dery, Escape Velocity, Grove Press, February 1, 1996
Thanks to Mark Dery for providing his earlier citation for gadget pornography.
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